Computer Backpacks – How To Choose The Right One

Computer backpacks come in all shapes and sizes and come in styles available for men, women, and children. Choosing the right computer backpack isn’t as easy as you may think. Once you begin your search you will soon realize that there are so many to choose from, you will soon need to figure out the features you want most.

First off you will want to find a computer bag that will hold the size of your laptop. The most common sizes are 15″” and 17″” laptops. Larger backpacks are sure to accommodate any size laptop but you want to be sure your laptop will be protected. If the bag is too large, your laptop may shift constantly causing scratches or risking damage to it if the bag is hit up against a hard surface. Most computer backpacks have a specialized compartment to fit a laptop snugly as well as straps to keep it secure.

Next you will want to consider how the backpack will protect your laptop from damage. The most common means of protection are a padded compartment and velcro straps. However, some backpacks take it a step further and are made of a hard shell to provide ultimate protection. The hard shell relieves the worry of your bag being dropped or dinged against a hard surface. The only downside of the hard shell type backpacks is the bulk and weight of the bag. You will be sacrificing comfort and space for better protection.

Once you have narrowed down the size and protective features of your computer bag, your next priority may be style. Just because you are carrying a laptop doesn’t mean you can’t be in fashion. One thing about your choices is that you will have a large variety of sizes and styles to choose from. You can go with the typical backpack used for school or you can choose more stylish versions such as messenger laptop bags. Messenger laptop bags are a popular choice for adults as well as teens. Since they come in so many colors and sizes, they make a great fashion statement for both men and women. Some messenger bag manufacturers even let you customize your new laptop bag with your favorite colors or unique patterns. Custom bags are very popular as they let you express your unique sense of style.

For the business person, computer bags are also available in briefcase styles. You can get laptop briefcase bags in leather, suede, and faux leather styles. Now that the laptop has become more a part of society than ever, these types of bags allow you to carry your laptop as well as your other business essentials while still looking professional.

As you can see, there are so many types of computer bags to choose from, it is easy to spend hours figuring out what style, size, and type is right for you. Your sense of style and personality play into your decision as well as functionality. It is possible to find a computer backpack that will protect your laptop as well as provide superior protection for day to day use.