How To Buy A Prom Tuxedo

Besides finding a date, buying or renting a tuxedo is the hardest part of going to prom. This is because as a teenager you have probably never even had to wear a tuxedo yet.
I wrote this article to shed some light on the tuxedo acquiring process. You will learn about the important basics such as colors, measurements, and some other issues you need to know about.
Well intentioned friends and relatives will try to lend you an old tuxedo that they once wore. I recommend you politely tell these people that you would rather get one on your own. This will save you the embarrassment of wearing a tux that does not quite fit.

Getting measured can be easily achieved by going to a professional rental company or sales organization. The measurements that should be taken are your neck, chest, waist, arm length, and inseam.

Wearing a black tuxedo is the best way to fit in with the rest of the prom attendants. Choosing a color like dark blue or charcoal gray to be subtle or something like white or purple will make a big statement.

The color of your vest should be a color that matches your dates. Make sure to bring a swatch of the dress to your sales representative to help him find you the best choice.
Pay close attention to the details of how each piece needs to be put on when wearing your tuxedo. Make an effort to learn how and where to put studs and cuff links so that it is easy when the big day comes.

When renting make sure you get to the rental vendor as soon as you know your prom date. You need to get your tuxedo before the other kids rent the best ones first.
As always thank you for reading my article on the prom tuxedo. Bookmark this page and refer back to it before venturing out to purchase or rent your next prom tux.