Tips On Caring For Army Rings

Army rings, military rings, and navy rings are considered as one of the top men’s accessories next only to ties and a good watch. Almost every man worth his salt knows what kind of army rings, military rings, and navy rings to buy. They should not be hollow, but solid-backed. Authentic rings are also usually made of solid gold or silver. These rings are not metal-plated with a token dipping in gold. These are made with the good stuff. Of course, having a good ring does not end with buying it. Proper maintenance is key if you want your ring to last. Even if your ring can beat that of Frodo’s, it still needs to be cared for.

These rings are still jewelry and ordinary metal jewelry care is enough for light cleaning. However, for stains that won’t budge, resist scraping. Instead bring your army rings, military rings, and navy rings to a professional jewelry cleaner for expert cleaning. But for those who want to save some bucks (these rings aren’t cheap), there are a few tricks to keep your ring from being damaged and some tips for light cleaning.

First, keep your army rings, military rings, and navy rings free of perspiration and dirt. This goes without saying that before doing any potentially dirty and rough job like mowing the lawn or home renovation, it is better to take your ring off. Perspiration may discolor your ring if it is soaked for long periods. Dirt particles are rough and can scratch your ring. Even if your ring is solid gold and not like the cheap gold-plated ones, it is still better to take precautions.

Second, avoid exposing rings to chemicals like detergents or chlorine. Why? Because army rings, military rings, and navy rings don’t mix with laundry. Also, only insecure show-offs wear rings in swimming pools. Aside from being tagged as an insecure show-off, your are throwing away a fortune by discoloring and tarnishing your rings in water with chlorine.

Third, always wipe rings using a clean cloth to remove surface grime. The cloth must be soft and smooth to improve the luster of your army rings, military rings, and navy rings. Do this before storing your rings because surface dirt like oil and dust may cling to your ring and cause permanent discoloration. Store rings in soft individual pouches or in their original, velvet-lined box. This will keep them from getting rubbed or scratched against each other.

Lastly, don’t be rash and quick to use those advertised jewelry cleaners and polish. Unless from reputable manufacturers, they are likely to discolor your army rings, military rings, and navy rings. Instead, like a true Boy Scout, make a simple solution of mild detergent and water. Dip a soft fabric in it and wipe your rings with the cloth. In the same manner, use water to remove the detergent and soap residue from your rings. If you don’t know what a detergent is, rubbing alcohol will do. Just don’t forget to wipe it off your army rings, military rings, and navy rings. It is still a chemical, you know.